We, at EXPM, are proud to offer specialised engineering services, processes and professional

equipment for use in the areas of preservation and maintenance of the documents and other items of Archives, Libraries and Museums, and to promote the use of resources and

instruments that will make the process of preventive maintenance more efficient.



EXPM offers turn-key solutions for the preservation and restoration of laboratories and workshops. We provide installation, end-user training and technical assistance.

Our service is all-embracing comprising space suitability issues, specific infrastructures, equipment, logistics and technical support, depending on the nature, dimension and specifics of each project. EXPM is a European company specializing in anoxia systems for the disinfestation of cultural items, in Archives, Libraries and Museums. A wide range of effective tools for pest control procedures in Archives, Libraries and Museums have been developed by us.


The EXPM, Lda had the privilege of appearing on the cover of the magazine EXAME in November 2010″